Is Erik ten Hag being too harsh on his players?

Generally the manager of a team, which has won 12 out of the 14 games in the domestic league and has already made it to the pre quarter final round in Europe with one game still to play, is a happy man and would rather want to talk about the positive traits of his team than to talk about the weaknesses, but Erik ten Hag, the man in charge of Ajax, is a different sort of character.

Hag was still talking about where his team was faltering and what they should look to improve after the game against AEK Athens where a victory ensured Ajax’s entry to the pre quarter finals in Europe. Hag also singled out a few players whom he said were not at their best and had to contribute more for the team going ahead. Continue reading Is Erik ten Hag being too harsh on his players?

Ajax supporters assaulted in Athens

The trip to Athens proved to be very fruitful for Ajax from a results point of view (they were able to secure a clinical 2-0 victory and ensured their qualification to the next stage of the Champions League.

Sadly the supporters of the club who flew to the Greek capital to enjoy the game won’t return with very fond memories because they were subject to violence and had to suffer the assault of not only the home supporters, but also the Police. It’s been reported that some visiting supporters actually had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Continue reading Ajax supporters assaulted in Athens


The Netherlands have quickly dropped from being a nation on the edge of victory on the world stage to collapsing back to back on the continental stage. Even the Dutch football federation (KNVB) officials could not ascertain if they would have a full stadium when they played their last World Cup qualifier against Sweden – yes, it was that bad that the fans preferred to stay away.

Netherlands have done very well at recent World Cup events, reaching the last four even. Now they are into missing Euro finals and World Cup finals as the nation’s football plunge into crisis. Continue reading CAN THE NETHERLANDS RECOVER SOON?


When you’re considered the thired best team in the country (well, amongst the top 3 of the country’s top clubs in a respected European soccer league), not winning the league in almost 20 years can take it’s toll. A bit like Atletico playing the third wheel in the perennial battle between Barca and Real, Feyenoord have always been left out on a limb by both PSV and Ajax, with the clubs taking it in turns to exclipse their achievements.

From failing to sustain a channel of talents, falling off a once respected perch to almost declaring bankruptcy, Dutch side Feyenoord’s league title this season is no doubt set wiping the tears of many years of failure and restoring faith to the fans that have waited 18 long years to have a title parade of their own throughout the streets of Rotterdam. Continue reading VAN BRONCKHORST’S GOT FEYENOORD THE EREDIVISIE