The decision of Overmars to refuse to sell top young talents of Ajax represents a step in the right direction for the club. This is the best step taken by the club which is seeking to revive its old glories

According to a study performed by the International Centre of Sport Studies (ICSS) in Switzerland Ajax is the best contributor of professional footballers in all through Europe’s top divisions. However, this is not a surprise that the world in general and Europe has always been in fear of the giants’ footballing academy of Dutch.

The football history of Dutch is rich. And this goes from reinventing this game with ‘Total Football’ to emerging as a whole host of revolutionary tactics that the present has altered the football landscape. In the heart of all these successes and bold ideas, Ajax is the name.

The Dutch club was in the forefront of all the above-mentioned developments. Nevertheless, the modern times paint a different picture of the Amsterdam outfit. In today’s footballing world, the Modern economics have seen the club not able to compete with the elites like in the past.

As of today, the Ajax is a feeder club; it has become a club which churns out top talents to be sold for a higher profit. It is selling the players to that club that has mighty economic clout. All this has made Ajax a faded force and this is sad considering the four European Cups they have entitled in the past.

Departed Ajax legend and Dutch, Johan Cruyff had lamented the decline of his club explaining how the club is not sticking to their original philosophy.

He said “The Ajax what we are seeing today is more a business model, then a club for footballers. It is concerned only about profits. This is not the original Ajax, whose priority where football always”.