1. Golemiat 4i4ko Mo

    poor guy ;(((((((((((((

  2. 96kaan

    Wesley Sneijder ❤️?

  3. Evan Ginsburg

    What is that white stuff on the field

  4. SteyrR


    hier raakte hij hem wel

  5. WerderPatrick

    He did a mistake this WE xD

  6. Daniel Anderberg

    What a team Ajax had! Edgar Davids, Wesley Snejider, Klass-Jan Huntelaar, Jaap Stam, (Ryan Babel) World class players!

  7. farfan97

    perfect for hoppenheim :D

  8. Friendsshare

    "Momentarily stunned…" what is he, a deer?

  9. FangedParakeet

    What an incredible Ajax team this was.

  10. christineli_trelokomeio

    Edgar Davids,the legend!

  11. Liam Schinina

    these commentators are shit

  12. slagcity

    know your star players, kid

  13. ToBizbiki

    HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!!! Owned By Davids…..

  14. Echo8GeRRaRD

    do you know him ?

  15. Cofimaslisa

    @MattTheOak only a fool doesnt know him, Davids is the King !

  16. Prohgoumenos

    Edgar Davids… just one of the best players in the history of football. I really miss him.

  17. Ariel Clavijo

    damn poor keeper

  18. JaahJeMoeder

    @THENiels582 Are u 8 years old?

    You do sound like a little kid, idiot.

  19. THENiels582

    psv forever ajax fornever

  20. MattTheOak

    @evilhafiz4 you havent watched much football then have you, nearly everyone knows Edgar Davids

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